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WHY CHOOSE THE Wind Circle Network?

  • Reduce your monthly communications expenses with free in-network calling and unlimited usage* while eliminating the capital required to purchase new equipment
  • Converge your network – utilize the Wind Circle Network for Internet and WAN Services
  • Eliminate service issues and finger pointing between your PBX vendor, carrier, ISP, Network Integrator and Security vendor
  • Provide mobility features that allow remote and home office employees access to the same tools as employees in the office
  • Control features and users in a point and click environment through our OSSmosis portal
  • Increase reliability and security – Our team of network and security professionals monitors and manages your services 24x7
  • Enjoy built-in disaster recovery/business continuity features – The off-premise nature of a hosted PBX means that your business keeps running regardless of what happens at your physical location
  • Your service will be provisioned by experienced PBX professionals rather than via a web page

* Some restrictions may apply

** Internet speed and quality may affect the number of users that can be supported per location