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FAQ – from the readers perspective

Hosted VoIP Upgrade Map

Upgrading your Telephony Infrastructure can appear to be a daunting task, simply making the decision to move away from legacy systems and services can seem overwhelming and risky. But it really isn’t that way!

We’ve setup four big incentives to make the change easy on you.

A. View the image above for more information.

  1. Get more information so you can see your choices.
  2. Identify purchasing advantages and define what you need/want.
  3. Consider a “Try to Buy” Pilot.
  4. Conduct a high-level review to collect technical details.
  5. Define project financing and equipment needs.
  6. Implement your solution. Click here to see a detailed plan.

B.We’ve got a Pilot Program so you can try the service for yourself, TODAY!

C.We’ve setup Purchase Advantages to make fiscal decisions easy.

D.You don’t have to move everything at once! No more forklifting!

How calls are Connected

Our Hosted VoIP (voice-telephone) Service is delivered from the Data Center & Soft Switch Platform EvolveIP “owns” out to WindCircle’s customer locations.

  1. To gain access to the Hosted VoIP Solution, you need to connect to the Wind Circle cloud using:
    1. High-capacity point to point circuits such as those configured for MPLS. If most of your traffic originates and terminates on your voice network, we can make sure the majority of your calls never leave your network by extending our infrastructure to you.
    2. A Broadband Internet connection (typically used as your Business Continuity redundant connection).
    3. Access into a state-wide network such as the Illinois Century Network.
  1. When your call touches the Wind Circle Cloud, not only do you get access to advanced telephony features, but you stop paying for domestic Long Distance. This includes calls terminating on:
    1. Land-line phones (using the PSTN)
    2. Standard cellular phones (using the PSTN and a providers Cellular network)
    3. Voice networks connnecting into State-sponsored networks such as the Illinois Century Network
    4. Internet phones
    5. Cellular Smartphones (when these phones run a standard SIP application, domestic Long Distance fees are avoided).

How Calls Are Routed Through The Cloud - How You Save Money

Studies, Papers, Diagrams, Presentations

More on this coming soon!

Communications as a Service (Caas)

If you want to use electricity without having to build your own electric generation facility, you make arrangements with you local power company to access their electric grid.

Communications as a Service (Caas) is the same model. If you want (or need) a relaible telecommunications strategy that excludes the “owning” of telephone hardware, you make arrangements with a Hosted VoIP service provider to use their telephony solution (in the Cloud) and forego the building of your own “hardware based” telephony environment.

Omnipresence - Find Me/Follow Me

Omnipresence “means” being present everywhere at the same time. A pretty impressive trick for mere mortals. Extended to the framework of “telecommunications”, an Omnipresence feature means multiple devices will ring when a call is made to a single phone number (hence the reference to “find me/follow me”).

Premise Cloud Cluster - What is it?!

When a Hosted VoIP Solution provider extends their service to physically ride on a part of a customer’s network (i.e. the customer’s premise), this is commonly referred to as a Premise Cloud Cluster. Said another way, the Solution provider has created a “local partition of their Cloud” on the customer’s network. When Wind Circle does this, the partition is obviously dedicated to the specific customer and is completely mirrored within the Wind Circle cloud.

Hosted Applications

The benefits of CaaS without displacing your premise-based systems! Our Hosted VoIP Solution allow you build hosted services into your current infrastructure. This provides an ideal first step for VoIP migration.

You can deploy our Solution to a subset of users. An integration link is established with your current telephony environment.

Serve remote users and gain access to advanced application content without replacing your current system. Our customers may choose a phone connected to their current phone switch as one of their three Omnipresence devices.

Hosted Infrastructure

WindCircle’s hosted VoIP solution “hosts” your telephony infrastructure on our network. You can eliminate the cost of large hardware and software expenditures associated with your voice infrastructure. The money you save can be re-directed elsewhere to your benefit! WindCircle streamlines the implementation of in-demand voice technologies and allow you to meet your goals sooner.

  • MPLS connections deliver a high quality of service to office locations
  • Remote users connect from anywhere
  • The entire solution is managed via a single interface and billed on a single invoice

Our Solution’s unique combination of Priority One E-Rate compliance and a total infrastructure solution allows K-12 organizations to realize drastic savings.

To quote one of our recent clients, “We had a budget to put a voice system in our new middle school, with the Hosted VoIP Solution, we were able to upgrade the entire District.”


An ideal communications solution. The inherent redundancy and mobility of the CaaS environment make it an ideal fit for high-priority communications between fast moving care professionals.

Enterprise solutions

From communication to competitive advantage – create a communications infrastructure as agile as you are. One that has the tools to make your team more responsive, keep them more informed and allow them to be better prepared for growth opportunities.

Our solution will help your team do just that.

Higher education / Campus environments

Our Solution offers unique value propositions, migration tools, and flexible deployment scenarios to help those with campus environments. We can eliminate your domestic Long Distance charges and makes sure campus-to-campus calls never leave your campus (even for calls between multiple Extended Community Calling areas)!