Our easy-to-use cloud-based unified communications system helps employees to be more productive and collaborative. It includes a full-featured phone system combined with chat, web/video conferencing, file collaboration and backup capabilities.

VoIP is a Priority One, E-Rate Eligible Service.

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Our VoIP Solution Includes

90+ enterprise-grade calling features.

Local & long distance calling within the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

A Mobile App that makes any smart phone an essential collaboration tool.

A Desktop App that integrates with your company directory, showing employee availability and enabling click-to-call.

Powerful video conferencing, screen sharing, and file sharing features facilitate better collaboration.

Benefits of Our Service to Your Business


Benefits to Your Business

User mobile devices interact seamlessly with the corporate phone system.

Available virtually anywhere, anytime, and on any device allows you to create a more flexible workforce.

Transcribe voicemail messages to text and/or email, enabling more efficient voicemail management.

Integrated chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing and file backup facilitates increased collaboration.


No phone system infrastructure hardware to buy, install, manage, upgrade or replace

Reduce infrastructure and operating costs.
Consolidate voice and data onto one network.
90+ enterprise-grade calling features INCLUDED in our service.


A voice network purpose-built for reliability

Redundant East/West data centers increase reliablity and reduce latency.


Elevate scales according to the needs of any business

Order service according to the number of users; no guessing number of lines needed.
Our enterprise-class service scales to a large number of users per business.


Never miss an important business call.

Automatically ring all your end points (desk phone, mobile, etc.) with every call and in the event that you don't answer, our solution routes the call to any number you choose (branch office, automated attendant, mobile number, etc.).


Flexible and Cost Effective

Wind Circle Network delivers enterprise-class communications services faster, better, and more cost effectively than any solution available in the marketplace today. By leveraging Wind Circle’s unique carrier-independent network, or your existing Internet connections, businesses can enjoy the flexibility of hosted services with the quality and control of on-site equipment.

Apps/Productivity Included

Mobile, Desktop, Online Meeting Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing, Sharesync File Sharing and Security

Our powerful mobile application transforms your phone into an essential collaboration tool, making teamwork on-the-go easier than ever. See who is available, chat with colleagues, place calls and see voicemails — anytime, anywhere.

Our desktop app brings essential collaboration tools together, making teamwork easier than ever. See who is available, chat with colleagues, place and receive calls, share screens, launch video conferences and share files—all from one application. Available as a downloadable app for PC or Mac®.

Online Meeting® is an easy-to use, reliable video collaboration tool.

File sync and share with backup for desktops, mobile devices, and file servers.

Educators and Library Administrators

  • VoIP is a Priority One, E-Rate Eligible Service.

  • For 25 years - Wind Circle Network, Inc. has offered their unique services and communication solutions to help educators, K-12 administrators and IT Departments adapt to changing technology needs.

  • VoIP fits seemlessly - into any communication infrastructure – without breaking the budget.

  • Wind Circle is currently working with Native American schools (BIE), individual state education-networks, large and small districts, remote, rural, or metropolitan schools, and certainly all types of K-12 educators to maximize their voice technology investments.

  • Real savings! Most school customers who have selected Wind Circle’s K-12 Offering enjoy a 15 – 30% savings on their current telecom bill beginning with their first month of usage!

How Our Technology Works

  • The Hosted VoIP Solution provided by Wind Circle provides PBX-type telephony services (voice-telephone) with more advanced features versus Centrex with no hidden fees attached.

  • Our solution provides MPLS WAN Management, a 24/7 Fully Redundant, National VoIP Network, with CPE redundancy and WAN failover in multiple locations on an organization’s campus. The opportunity for a single point of failure in your telecommunications network is drastically eliminated.

  • When your call touches the Wind Circle Cloud, not only do you get access to advanced telephony features, but you stop paying for domestic long distance.

Important Financial Details

  • Other providers charge extra for many of the standard services shown below. These are included in the Wind Circle Network, Inc. VoIP service.
    • Call Forwarding – Busy
    • Call Forwarding – Don't Answer
    • Call Forwarding – Variable Unlimited
    • Call Hold
    • Call Pickup
    • Direct Inward Dial (DID) to Direct Outward Dial (DOD) Transfer
    • Directed Call Pickup
    • Message Waiting Indicator

  • With Wind Circle’s Service Solution all of these features are Standard Service Offerings. And this set of features is included in the low monthly base Service Price, with “no hidden charges”.

You benefit from our corporate partnerships and software/hardware product expertise.

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