PC Repair Wind Circle's technical support department can service and repair all major personal computers and peripherals. We offer in-house repair, over-the-phone support and flexible on-site service to meet our customer's individual needs. Below are just a few of the issues we commonly fix.

If you are having any troubles with your computer, call, make an appointment online or just come in. Walk-ins are always welcome!


Virus, Malware & Spyware

We use the latest virus scanners, and custom software to detect, neutralize and eliminate most variations of the viruses, malware or spyware that exist out there.

The best means to prevent infection is by staying up-to-date with your virus protection and Windows Critical Updates. Additionally, only open attachments on e-mails if you are very sure you need it. These recommendations are not 100 percent fool-proof, but will prevent many forms of malicous software that exist out there.

Slow-running Computer

If your computer is running slowly because of software-related issues like device driver errors, blue screens/crashes, Windows system-related or application.

Full hard drives can also severely affect the speed of a computer. Some of the files on your PC could be unwanted programs or files from malicious web sites (many of these web sites install programs and files without the user's knowledge or permission). Sometimes this is easily fixed by running disk cleanup.

Hard drive errors, CD-ROM or other device failures

We perform diagnostics of computer hardware components and replacement of defective parts. Wind Circle is an authorized Dell & HP reseller, but we service all brands of computers, peripherals and components.

Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware Removal (FREE Downloads)

There are several programs on the Internet that provide a service, but also perform other actions– typically those that are hidden or unwanted. Even though the program you purchased provides what it promised, its other purpose usually involves creating pop-up advertisements, asking for you to buy their program to remove notifications, selling your Internet usage information to a third party or simply gathering e-mail addresses– which will then be sold to advertisers.

MalwareBytes and CCleaner are free programs we recommend as ways to remove these "spyware" elements from programs once you've installed them. But equally important is prevention. Be discriminate about the programs you download and install. Not only will you cut down on the amount of junk mail and advertisements, but also help keep your computer's hard drive and memory from becoming cluttered or compromised.

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